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European Cities’ Sewer Water Exposes Drug Use

  • 2 June 2014
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 European cities’ sewer water exposes use of cocaine, cannabis, meth and ecstasy
Imagine you could let your city urinate in a cup and submit the sample to a laboratory for drug testing. Would it pass?

Researchers in Europe did something similar with 42 major cities, and many of them failed.

Lab tests on sewage water to detect chemicals excreted after drug use turned up high levels of cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy, meth and other amphetamines.

War on Fog

  • 28 May 2014
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Follow along as we examine solutions to the challenge of fats, oils and grease in the country’s sewer lines and treatment plant works

EPA Hosting Webcast Series to Raise Awareness about Harmful Algal Blooms

  • 28 May 2014
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On May 29, 2014, EPA will host a webcast on public engagement opportunities to address harmful algal blooms entitled, “The Role of Citizen Scientists in Harmful Algal Bloom Monitoring and Response”.  This webcast is the beginning of a series with a discussion of involvement with volunteer monitoring initiatives, and how people can get involved in a project to monitor for potentially toxic algal species and collect meaningful data from their local, state, or federal agency.

Study Explores Link Between Cows and Water Quality

  • 23 May 2014
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Study explores link between cows’ water quality, milk production
A study to determine what effect quality of dairy herd water has on milk production is being conducted at 100 dairy farms across a six-county region by educators from Cornell Cooperative Extension. Twenty farms each will be surveyed in Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties, and the remainder will be in Franklin, Clinton and Essex counties.

Independent Budget Office: It’s Debt, Not Rent Payments

  • 21 May 2014
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Independent Budget Office: It’s debt, not rent payments, that drives water and sewer
(An interesting article from NYC)
It’s not the rent payments the city charges for use of the water system that’s driving water rates but rather the cost of paying off huge capital projects, the Independent Budget Office said in a report Monday.
While it has been the scapegoat of many a press conference on skyrocketing water rates, the rental payment takes a back seat, the report found.

Let’s Be Clear – Fire Chief Project: A Must Read for all Operation Specialists

  • 21 May 2014
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> This is an article found in the second quarter 2014 National > Rural Water Associations Magazine. Here is the link for the > article:
> > This project is trying to change the way Operation Specialists are viewed. Please read the whole article and then help it become a reality by contributing anything you can to help the cause.

Calculation Tools for Water and Wastewater Operation Specialists

  • 7 May 2014
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Mathematical calculations can be one of the most challenging, but also most important, tasks performed by a water or wastewater operator. With Internet-enabled computers available in an increasing number of facilities, operators can lean on calculation tools to double-check their math. 

A few years ago the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection developed an Operator Information Center that included a variety of web-based calculation tools. While portions of the website are outdated, these tools still do the job:

Handbook on Wastewater Management for Local Representatives

  • 2 May 2014
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This is a free publication intended for mayors, town supervisors, administrators, clerks, treasurers,and sewer board members. 

The Handbook on Wastewater Management for Local Representatives is a 148 page reference which includes valuable information on administration, management, and financial planning. The handbook helps elected officials better understand wastewater infrastructure issues.

The sewers and wastewater treatment plants represent a huge capital asset.

Gov. Cuomo Launches 4th Round of Regional Economic Development Council

  • 1 May 2014
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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today launched Round IV of the Regional Economic Development Council (REDC) initiative, officially kicking off the 2014 competition for up to $750 million in state economic development resources. The Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) will open to applicants on May 1, enabling businesses, municipalities, not-for-profits and the public to begin applying for assistance from dozens of state funding programs, through a single application, for job-creating and community development projects.