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11 Things You Can Do Toward Cleaner Water

  • 24 October 2016
  • scalera

Everyone can help clean up our waterways.

Here's how:

  • Direct flow from your gutters to a garden designed to soak up the rain
  • Don't wash clothes or dishes during the rain to avoid adding water to already filled sewers:  Give it 24 hours if you can
  • Don't put fats, oils or grease down the drain; They can clog sewer pipes and cause basement backups or sewage overflows
  • Invest in water-friendly practices like green roofs and green parking lots
  • Pick up the dog poop
  • Wash your car on the grass, or at a commercial car wash and not on your driveway or in the street
  • Go light on fertilizers and pesticides in lawns and gardens
  • Don't dump chemicals or oil down storm drains; Look for hazardous materials disposal options in your community
  • Don't flush prescription pills down the toilet.  There are take back programs for these unwanted or expired prescriptions.  Check with your local law enforcement.

Source:  MSD, Kentucky Waterways Alliance