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Best Practices For Septic System Repairs using CWSRF Funds

  • 14 July 2014
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The Office of Water and Region 8 are pleased to announce the 8th in a series of monthly 1-hour webinars on best practices in the implementation of the National Water Program.  The next webinar is scheduled for Thursday, July 17th from 2 to 3 pm (Eastern Daylight Time). Representatives from EPA’s Region 3 Office will provide a presentation on using CWSRF funds for septic system repairs by partnering with state housing agencies.  Tune into the webinar next Thursday to hear how they did it.

A best practice is defined as a process, tool, or methodology usually developed by Regional or state water program staff that contains innovative and successful approaches that helps the program achieve its goals to protect human health and restore watershed and aquatic ecosystems.  A two page description of each best practice published in the FY 2013 End of Year Report can be found at the following link on OW’s Performance web site:

Each webinar will consist of a 30 minute or less presentation by the developer and/or sponsor of the best practice.  In addition to a brief description of the  practice, presentations may cover any of the following:

– What were the driving factors in developing the practice.

– How was it developed.  Who was involved.

– What outcomes or impact has the practice had in the presenter’s Region.

– What were the lessons learned in developing and implementing the practice.  What could have been done differently.

– Recommendations for others in adopting the practice for their Region.

– Who to contact for more information about the practice.

Sufficient time will be allowed during the remainder of the webinar for questions and answers and an open discussion on the best practice.


To access the webinar, please follow these instructions:


For audio, the call in number is :  1-866-299-3188;  conference code – 202-564-0572