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Detecting Wastewater Leakages With The Internet Of Things

  • 31 December 2019
  • ckearns

Natalie ParlettaContributor 

Sustainable solutions and innovation.

Every year, around 900 billion gallons of untreated sewage escapes aging wastewater systems in the U.S. alone, contaminating oceans, rivers, lakes and streams. Eek factor aside, this appallingly common problem impacts fragile aquatic ecosystems, the environment and public health and has far-reaching economic repercussions.

Updating the infrastructure will take decades and cost hundreds of billions of dollars. Other solutions are urgently needed, such as modelling to predict leakage and green infrastructures, such as rain gardens, green rooftops, porous pavements and artificial wetlands, to prevent stormwater from infiltrating sewers and causing them to overflow.

Technological advances offer another way to tackle the problem, an opportunity that has been embraced by Kando, a company recently selected as one of Elemental Excelerator’s new startups.

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