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EBOLA In Wastewater Update

  • 5 November 2014
  • networx

On 11/4/14 NYRWA participated in a webinar on EBOLA.  Here are notes from this event.  The short version is if you can take enough precautions for the aids virus, you are covered for EBOLA.

The CDC (Matt Arduino) says they have little to no research on this for wastewater.

1.      This virus is a “negative sense RNA virus” or an “envelope virus” – so is the aids virus.

2.      Envelope virus is the easiest to kill as compared with others like hep-C

3.      Incubation period in host is 2-21 days only direct contact after symptoms show, can it be transmitted.

4.      Recommended way of getting rid of waste is to flush it down the sewer.

5.      There is no amplification of this virus in wastewater only derogation.

6.      Under perfect lab testing it can be sustained from 4 4 days depending on substrate and light. NOTE: the word LAB

7.       There have been several overseas studies on envelope virus pass thru in wastewater plants. Only one showed pieces of the virus but no complete living cells.

The US Army recommends killing virus at bathroom site with quanitary ammonia. It seems to work better than chloramines. (Mainly due to the side effects of 3% cl2)

So at the present time there is no information on persistence in raw wastewater for the Ebola virus.

As it was so quaintly put- a hospital plumber has the highest risk,- followed by the collections worker working in the manhole outside,- followed by the wastewater operator.

SO the standard operating plan is in effect-

Protective gear is necessary!

Face mask with N95 respirator

Tyvek suit

Rubber boots

Nitrile gloves

Wash work clothes at work

Be safe!!