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EPA Release Whitepaper on Lead & Copper Rule

  • 27 October 2016
  • scalera

EPA's top water official Joel Beauvais just announced the release of a new whitepaper on the Lead & Copper rule.  The purpose of the whitepaper is:

To ensure that stakeholders are informed of the options that EPA is considering as part of the rulemaking process. This paper provides examples of regulatory options that EPA is evaluating and highlights key challenges, opportunities, and analytical issues presented by these options. EPA expects the paper will help facilitate our ongoing engagement with stakeholders and the public as we work to develop a proposed rule.

Topics addressed in the white paper released today include consideration of lead service line replacement, improving optimal corrosion control treatment requirements, consideration of a health-based benchmark for household-level interventions, the potential role of point-of-use filters, clarifications or strengthening of tap sampling requirements, increased transparency, and enhanced public education requirements. Additional information under consideration includes copper requirements and addressing broader lead issues.

You can read about and download the whitepaper on EPA's blog: