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Know Your Contact Hours

  • 6 October 2021
  • ckearns

Over the past year and a half, it has been difficult to collect contact hours for certification renewal.

Remember, your renewal cycle for the Department of Health recertification is every three years.  If you possess the following: IA, IIA, IB and IIB you need 3.0 CEU’s or 30 contact hours.  In addition to the 30-contact hour requirement the 1A’s must take a Department of Health approved Laboratory class for each three-year cycle!  If you hold only a grade C or D certification you only need 1.5 CEU’s or 15 contact hours.

Another consideration, when attempting to use CEU’s (Continuing Education i.e., college credit courses) if you plan on using continuing education credits be sure to contact the Department of Health for approval and ATC number prior to enrollment.  If the course is not approved, you will need to submit the curriculum for an ATC number to be issued by the DOH.

Per Subpart 5-4.8(a) “An individual that allows his or her certification renewal to lapse after the expiration date is no longer certified to operate a water treatment plant and/or distribution system.  When the individual meets the requirements outlined in section 5-4.8(a), the certification will be reinstated”.

Also remember “An individual who allows his or her certification renewal to lapse, for more than one year, will be required to repeat the type and amount of experience, training and validated examination as contained in sections 5-4.3(b) and 5-4.5 of this Subpart”.

Wastewater has five-year renewal requirements.  The DEC has four grades of certification 1 being the lowest and 4 being the highest.  You may also have an “A” designation for activated sludge.  The “A” designation does not change the renewal hours required for each grade.

Grade 1&1A need twenty hours for each five-year cycle.  The 2&2A each need 40 hours for each five-year cycle. The 3&3A need 60 hours for each five-year cycle.  Last the 4&4A need 80 hours for each five-year cycle.  Like the DOH if you plan on using continuing education credits (i.e., college credit courses) be sure to contact NYWEA for approval and an RTC number prior to enrollment.

Remember – you can only submit classes with the same course topic once per renewal cycle.

One final reminder – if your certification lapses you cannot operate a water or wastewater treatment plant without someone on staff with the proper credentials.  You must submit the required documentation for renewal!!

If you have any questions contact our field staff, call, or email us.

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