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NYRWA' e-Newsletter "Between The Pipes"

  • 3 October 2019
  • ckearns

Having trouble receiving our e-Newsletter "Between The Pipes"?
Last November Naylor took over distributing our e-Newsletters, we emailed the below notice to those on our email lists. If you have not been receiving our emails, please follow the directions below to ensure receipt of your communications, and to avoid these emails going into your spam folder, it may be necessary to add Naylor as a safe sender to your contacts.

How do I add Naylor as a safe sender?
Simply add the domain on your email providers whitelist or Safe Sender list. In Outlook, this option is found by clicking on Junk > Junk Email Options.”

What if my eNewsletters are still blocked by my ISP’s spam filters or firewalls?
If you are already on our mailing list but believe your subscribed electronic eNewsletters are being blocked, we suggest sending a letter listing the Naylor email domain to your Internet Service Provider, along with a short explanation that Naylor’s emails are part of your associations communications, which should then resolve any issues.