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NYSDOH Two Funding Opportunities

  • 20 May 2016
  • scalera

The New York State Department of Health is releasing two funding opportunities to support counties, cities, towns, or villages (municipalities), which own their public water system and water supply, including public authorities, for costs related to the construction, installation, repair, replacement, or upgrade of fluoride equipment in drinking water facilities. 


Drinking Water Fluoridation Round 2 Funding Opportunity (Grants Gateway # DOH01-DWF1R2-2016 and DOH01-DWF2R2-2016) - supports municipalities up to $50,000 for the planning and implementation of community water fluoridation.  This funding opportunity is separated into two components.  Component 1 aims to support municipalities seeking to pursue an Engineering report to initiate or maintain water fluoridation.  Component 2 aims to support municipalities looking to upgrade, replace, repair or purchase equipment to initiate or maintain water fluoridation. 


Drinking Water Fluoridation Round 2 Request for Application (Grants Gateway # DOH01-DWF3R2-2016) - supports municipalities seeking to upgrade, replace or repair existing water fluoridation equipment or install fluoridation systems in public water systems that have authorized the implementation of fluoridation.  Applicants may request between $50,001 and $1 million in funding.


Both opportunities are available on the Grants Gateway, (Component 1- Grants Gateway # DOH01-DWF1R2-2016; Component 2- Grants Gateway # DWF2R2-2016; and RFA- Grants Gateway # DOH01-DWF3R2-2016).  Applicants must submit completed applications through the Grants Gateway.  Applications are being accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis.  The first due date is June 30, 2016.


Up to $3.8 million will be made available to municipalities.  Funding for these funding opportunities is authorized under the State Fiscal Year 2016-17 Enacted Executive Budget.