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Overview of EPA’s OCCT Evaluation Templates/Lead and Copper Rule

  • 30 October 2017
  • scalera


EPA is hosting a webinar November 8, 2017, 1-2 pm EST on the OCCT Evaluation Templates.  The webinar will provide detailed walk-through of the templates and how primacy agencies and water systems can use them as a tool for more effectively navigating the OCCT installation steps and associated data gathering, decision-making and documentation activities.  Each of the forms will be discussed in detail and will include step-by-step examples illustrating how they can be used by primacy agencies and water systems.

EPA development the Evaluation Templates as an accompanying tool to the OCCT Evaluation Technical Recommendations document, to better assist primacy agencies and water systems in ensuring effective OCCT evaluation and designation in accordance with Lead and Copper Rule requirements.  The Evaluation Templates are a series of spreadsheets that can be utilized for more effective organization and documentation of decision-making and technical information for individual water systems.

How to register?  Through the following link:

This webinar is open to states, primacy agencies, tribes, community planners, water systems, and those seeking to better understand the Optimal Corrosion Control Treatment (OCCT) requirements under the Lead and Copper Rule.

To find more information, for questions, comments or feedback please contact:

The Evaluation Templates and Technical Recommendations document are both available for download at: