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  • 22 October 2014
  • networx


POTWs and POSSs Apply to Use the NY-Alert System

To assist in complying with the law, DEC has worked with the NYS Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services to modify the NY-Alert system to accommodate reporting sewage releases and distribution of this information to the public. The principal executive officer or ranking elected officer for publicly owned treatment works (POTWs) is required to:

  • complete and sign the Notifier Application (PDF, 88 KB) to authorize at least two staff people to submit reports to the NY-Alert system
  • instruct each authorized staff person to complete and sign the Notifier Agreement (included in the application)

Instructions to complete and submit the application are included in the application document. If more than two notifiers will be authorized, print and complete the needed number of Notifier Agreement pages.

Automatic Notifications

In Part C of the application, the applicant may enter the contact information of the adjoining municipalities to receive automatic notifications; if additional pages are needed, complete the Automatic Notifications Supplement for SPRTK Act (PDF, 51 KB).

About NY-Alert

The NY-Alert system is an existing notification system that is used by several hundred NY agencies to alert the public. The system is free for POTWs and POSSs to use and there is no cost to the public to sign up and receive alerts. A single online form through the NY-Alert system will be used to notify the appropriate parties for 2 hour notification and the public for the 4 hour notification. The form may also be completed using a smart phone.

Implementation of the NY-Alert System

POTWs and POSSs will complete and submit applications to use NY-Alert to DEC. Applications will be approved and entered into a database. Approved applicants will be sent a confirmation letter that will include information about:

  • what registered users can expect to receive from NY-Alert
  • instructions on how to log on to NY-Alert
  • where to find information about training and
  • when they should begin using the system

DEC expects full use of the NY-Alert system in early 2015.