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Student and Teacher Share Website with NYRWA

  • 26 October 2018
  • ckearns

We were very pleased to receive the email below from Miss Gribben, a teacher, who was assisting her student Laura with a class project.  With Students and Teachers like this, we know our future is bright.

Please take a minute and view the link Laura provided, we found it very educational.  Our thanks to Miss Gribben and Laura for sharing!


Good morning,
I just wanted to send the NYRWA some positive feedback- a student I'm tutoring was working on a water research project at our session yesterday afternoon, and she ended up on your webpage (this one
She thought you would like to know that we found excellent info for her project, so she says thank you:) And- Laura and I thought we could return the favor by sharing another educational resource we found, so she picked one out and I told her I'd send it with our thank-you note... "The Importance of Cleaning Up After Your Pet" –

Laura thought it would be a helpful addition to the Water and Wastewater Related links on that page she found because "it has good information for people to learn why they should always pick up after their pets which I learned can pollute water."

I hope you can add it-Laura would be really be proud to see that her research & contribution was helpful... and I'd love to show her at her next tutoring session with me:) Thanks again and have a good day!!

Laura & Miss Gribben