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Village of Saugerties believes leaks in water system have been found

  • 9 April 2019
  • ckearns

By William J. Kemble

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SAUGERTIES, N.Y. — Village officials believe they have identified two leaks in the village water system that can account for the loss of nearly 80 gallons  per minute.

Mayor Bill Murphy said this week that one of the leaks was in a connection to a holding tank in the Barclay Heights area and the other was at the village's Seamon Park property along U.S. Route 9W.

“There was a pretty major leak at Seamon Park,” Murphy said. “... It was [buried] deep down.”

Village officials estimate there have been about 3 million gallons of water unaccounted for since the discrepancy was discovered in late December.

The water loss was found as part of an annual audit that showed water outflow was significantly higher than in previous years despite there being no substantial change in the number of users. There are about 1,500 water service lines in the village of Saugerties and about 1,800 in the town.

“The estimate was the leak was costing about 100,000 gallons a day,” Murphy said.

Murphy said part of the problem in locating the Seamon Park leak was that water from it was going into a creek that flows into the Hudson River.

“It was just running into the Sawyer Kill. ... That’s why no one ever noticed it,” he said.

The search for the leaks, conducted with the help of the New York Rural Water Association, involved equipment that detects sounds made by leaks.

The Seamon Park leak was in an area not ordinarily seen by visitors.

The leaking line at the park has been shut off, and village officials are awaiting a report to be certain the problem has been resolved as a result.